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This is an email I received from the child that was tutored by Denise yesterday.

Wonderful Session and Great Attitude

"The first visit with Mrs. Denise was wonderful! I was really glad that she was what I expected. We had a problem with one of the questions, but we quickly fixed it. She has a great attitude and is also very outgoing. I do believe that she'll be able to help improve in my math skill in the near future so I want her to come back."



Denise did an assessment on my son to find out what level he is on. My son felt really comfortable with her and he looks forward to the next lesson plan!



Knowledgable and patient tutor

Denise is tutoring my son in reading. She is patient, and has a very solid strategy on how we are going to achieve it. Warm and kind, she is an awesome person, and my we are blessed to have her!



Patient and encouraging tutor

Denise has a great way of connecting and engaging students. I truly appreciate her taking the time upon our first session to ask my daughter the right questions to see what type of encouragement and support my daughter needs in order to continue to be successful in her studies.



Thorough and dedicated

My son was working with conversion and I was sitting in session with him, I knew the answer but unable to explain how I resolved. She explained each step until we both understood, patiently!
Thanks Denise



A Blessing from God!!

We feel so blessed to have find someone of Ms. Denise's experience working with my son. My son really enjoyed his first session and looks forward to his next session. Her love of children and passion for teaching is what my son needs to help him reach his goals. Thank you!!



Engaging, nurturing, and patient tutor

Denise has helped my son develop the academic confidence that will help him succeed. She is a lovely person who shows up with a bright smile. My son looks forward to woking with Denise. She's the best! I highly recommend Denise.



Denise is an amazing person and tutor. She has been an incredible asset to Anthony and his rising scholastic career. Since bringing Denise aboard she has instilled confidence and a learning structure so when he is being taught in school in totally understands. He has gone from an average student to straight A's. Thank you so much for all of your help.


Kim L.

I was calling because I wanted to share some good news with you. My son took the MAP Assessment test and scored really high. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done.


Valerie W.

You need to know this!” Devin received a 104% final grade for her class at Santa Monica College! Thank you so much for your assistance in guiding her to figure out how to grab those A’s!!


Breanna C.

Today, my son got to go to camp for the very first time in his life. He called me up and declared he LOVED It! He said he got to swim a couple times, he read in the bible and got to call me to have me listen to him read (unfortunately I missed that call UGH!), he got to eat a sub for lunch, he did well with the other campers and interns and also declared he cannot wait to go back! I could just see his smile right through the phone. It hugs my heart to know he has the extra support he needs and that he enjoys his camp so much. They did testing and know right where his level is with reading. In fact, I even asked for a text to let me know how he did and I cried tears of joy when I got that text because it means so much to me that I can know how he did and what he is working on. I informed the director about my son and she studied to learn more about his diagnoses prior to him coming to camp which I am sure also helped him do so well. One on one help is available. Gosh my heart is so full. What a feeling this is...sending my son off to camp...and he loves it! And more than that...this camp is just right for him! I wasn't able to get him to this awesome camp in St. Pete. because of transportation, distance and a mirad of other challenges...God sure moved those mountains...thank you God! God bless Camp Summer Quest! Thank you Denise M. Ford for creating this non profit reading and recreational camp. Thank you Bay Point Christian Church for having Camp Summer Quest! Thank you to the City of St. Petersburg for sponsoring Camp Summer Quest's daily swim lessons! Thank you to all those who sponsored CSQ. Thanks to the high school interns for coming to serve our children. Thank you everyone!

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